Social Media and Brand Communications

Brand Communications – test of retention rate

We are constantly encircled by brands. Everywhere we glance we could see brands but just how much the company communication is retained through the brain? What is the recall rate?

This is a simple test It’s my job to follow

Have you ever read today’s morning newspaper?

Reveal what section have you ever read? News / sports / Entertainment / Classified?

Which sections can you usually read?

Recall the one or more brand for you personally in the present newspaper. Which can it be?

Remember a brand name for you personally last evening on tv? Which can it be?

Name a brand name you saw on some outdoors media while visiting this Conference. Which can it be?

Remember any celebrity name connected while using brand?

A simple test of name retention would reveal that simply the big brands who is able to have the ability to manage a throughout multimedia marketing campaign are retained in people’s mind. Furthermore supplements also plays a sizable role. Typically, only the large companies have experienced the opportunity to hire an advert agency or PR agency and run such advertisement and brand building campaigns. The entities inside the medium and small (SME) sector, solo entrepreneurs, start-ups however will often have used means like pamphlets and flier distributions, newspaper ads or networking and referral marketing.

With internet and social media situations are altering. Social networks are a real digital type of the truly amazing old word-of-mouth marketing. Today, social media is regarded as the easy and simple , economical method of communication.


To just define, ‘social media’ is an amount of simple, easy to learn and adapt, freely available on the web tools and platforms will achieve for an worldwide audience. The defining factor about social media could be the ‘ability to find out real-time dialogue in multimedia formats.’ Traditional media like Ad films, Radio, TV, Newspapers, outdoors hoardings, corporate websites are among the ways medium. However social media tools like blogs, social systems, picture and video discussing enables two-way communications that’s friendly, open and democratic and merely put, ‘social.’

But ‘cost effective’ is not the only real factor

We have to not discuss social media just cutting back. That appears like social networks are pertinent only for individuals segments of entrepreneurs who can not afford mainstream media brand communication. No, it is not a scenario of “grapes are sour.” It isn’t just in regards to the money, had that been the problem our prime most brands in India wouldn’t have grew to become part of the Social Media bandwagon.

Even NASA uses social systems needs to be fact it’ll a great job advertising online. Surely a company like NASA would not be here when they didn’t realize that economical or else social media offers another kind of brand communication that is not possible using almost every other kind of traditional media.

Exactly why is everybody joining social media?

Because of the revolutionary magical among traditional media and social media – the chance to setup a dialogue with, listen and respond to best and quickest whenever, wherever plus whichever format.


Two-way communication

Longer shelf existence

Every brand features a story every entrepreneur features a story, grounds a mission they begin. Social media offers the brand the capacity to tell their tales.

The Social Consumers

The quantity of internet surfers in India has joined 100 million this September. It’s predicted that by 50 % years India would overtake United states . States in succeeding as the greatest country to become internet. You’ll find presently 38 million Indians on Facebook. This many people would be the social consumers.

Social consumers differ from traditional consumers because they forget about take purchase decisions by simply watching a TV commercial or outdoors hoarding or newspaper ad. They require more in the brand. It’s not enough any more to tell, “We made a decision to get this to cream, if putting it on, you’d become fair.” The social now desires to understanding and why I’d become fair? Cure are becoming fair? What were their encounters on the way?

Precisely how for connecting with social consumers

The social consumers visit their unique social systems to uncover more about a brand name make a purchase. They are going while using brand that extends an agreeable hands towards them, a brand name that shares its tales heart to heart while using consumers.

A brand name is capable of doing that simply when you’re present round the social systems, employing the same tools and platforms people are utilizing for daily communications. The organization must rise over the standard sales and target oriented avarice and possess to demonstrate respect and passion for that customers. They have to reveal that they’re concerned to concentrate and respond that they are sporting enough to cope with negative remarks with dignity.

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